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Free Debt Consolidation

We provide free consumer credit counseling and debt management services for people overwhelmed with credit card debt. 

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What does it cost?

We are glad you asked. It does not cost you anything. We are subsidized by the credit card companies themselves. The credit card companies pay us because they whole heartedly support what we do. They dread the though of you filing bankruptcy and they appreciate us for helping them help you. It makes more sense for them to get something rather than nothing.

They get to recoup much of the principal debt and that is always better for them than you filing bankruptcy. Also, they get to write off the subsides that they pay to debt counseling companies. Think about it. You have had to pay for everything you ever had but now here comes a hand to lift you out of your financial nightmare and you do not have to pay anything.

This is the ultimate win-win situation and you come out a winner. Take the first step and let us give you a free debt consolidation evaluation and do it today.

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