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Free Debt Consolidation

We provide free consumer credit counseling and debt management services for people overwhelmed with credit card debt. 

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How about getting a loan?

Getting a loan to consolidate your debts is just not smart and for so many reasons. The most type of debt consolidation loan is the type where you borrow against the equity in your house and that is, if you own your own home. Most of the time, you will not qualify for this type of loan but if you do, you now have something very precious at stake, which is the roof over your head. When your debts were just credit cards, the worst that could happen was that you could file bankruptcy and have your credit shot for 10 years. But now with your home on the line, if you fall behind on the payments, you will loose your house in foreclosure and then debt consolidation will be too late.

The other reason borrowing against your house is so bad for you is that you will inevitably run up your credit card balances again and get into even more serious debt problems than you started with.

What is unique about our program is that you can start today and it will not cost you a penny. Think about it. You have had to pay for everything you ever had but now here comes a hand to lift you out of your financial nightmare and you do not have to pay anything.

The only requirement is that you not talk to the creditors and you do not pay them. We take care of all that. So what do you say? Take the first step and let us give you a free debt consolidation evaluation.

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