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Free Debt Consolidation

We provide free consumer credit counseling and debt management services for people overwhelmed with credit card debt. 

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How does it work?

We first start with debt consolidation analysis. The analysis will determine if you are better of filing bankruptcy or having us consolidate your debts. We will also give you an estimate of your savings under our debt consolidation program.

When you become a client, one of our debt counselors will contact your unsecured creditors and work out a reduction in your interest rate and reduce your monthly payments to an amount that you can pay. Because we deal with these creditors daily, we can usually conclude this phase quickly and achieve significant saving to  you. For example, if you owe Citibank $7,000 in credit card debt and are paying 18% interest rate, most of your payments go to the interest, not to reducing the debt. We can usually get the credit card companies to reduce or even eliminate the interest charge so that all of your payments go to reducing the balance you owe. With many creditors, we can even get them to slash the debt you owe as well as reduce the interest charges.

Because you are enrolled in our debt consolidation program, your creditors stop all legal actions against you. That means that you are not likely to have them attach your wages or take you to court. Also, the deterioration of your credit stops, and that makes sense since you are now repaying your debts under the new arrangements. 

Let us not forget the harassing creditor phone calls that you are probably getting right now. Our debt consolidation program will bring it all to a halt. You no longer have to hide from your phone or dread opening your mail. Talking about mail, your creditors no longer will send you bills and you do not need to send them payments either. This is because we take over that responsibility. They send the bills to us and we pay them for you.

Best of all, it is all free to you. Your credit card companies pay us, not you. Why? Because they want this to work. They need those reduced payments more than you are willing to make them and they will gladly pay us for helping them help you. Is that a winner or what?

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